Deb Kohler

Deb's interest in ceramic arts began decades ago having studied both wheel throwing and hand-building from ceramic artist/teacher Lisa "Tinka" Jordy.  But it wasn't until she discovered ceramic artist Karin Burt's studio, The London Clayworks, that Deb began to seriously focus on creating in clay.  It was there that she further refined her hand-building techniques.

Deb is drawn to make both functional ware and ceramic sculpture in the medium of clay. Her creations are tangible expressions which most often incorporates nature's beauty. Usually, no two pieces are alike.

She owns and operates ATTUNED, LLC, an enterprise that encompasses all her interests: Public/Media Relations Consultation, New Paradigm MDT Energy Practice, Jewelry Making, and of course Ceramic Sculpture.

You can reach Deb at 504.615.4113, or email Follow her on Facebook @kohlerenterprise or Instagram @debkohler