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The Ryan Pearce Pottery Scholarship 

In honor of a creative soul who was taken from us too soon we are announcing the Ryan Pearce Pottery Scholarship. Each year we'll offer a three month membership to the studio with a different theme. This years theme is 'Multi Media'

Applications for 2018 are now closed please check back next year for 2019 Applications 



Why Choose Open Studio?

Open studio gives anyone with a basic knowledge of ceramics the ability to practice their craft as and when they choose. 

For professionals, open studio membership is far more cost effective that setting up a home studio, where the cost of rent and equipment is high. For hobbyists, open studio allows the flexibility to work on a project, or multiple projects, on your own time, without having to wait for another class.

Open studio fees start at $190 per month and include the cost of firing your work*, glazes, and use of the class tools — all you need to buy is clay! You can join open studio at anytime with a minimum commitment of one month.

*limits apply

What's included? 


Flexible Access  

The London Clayworks gives it’s members maximum flexibility. There isn't a strict limit on the time you spend at the studio so you can work on your own time, at your leisure.



We have multiple throwing wheels, two large kilns, a slab roller, extruder, molds, a range of glazes and plenty of workspace and tools. We also offer our members storage space for personal tools and work in progress



Kiln Firing 

The cost of firing your your work (up to a reasonable limit) is included in your studio fees, so there is no additional cost for bisque or glaze firing within that limit.


We have a great range of cone 6 glazes that we mix in house. Use of these is included in your studio fees.



Members staying for longer than a month will be invited to submit a biography and photographs of their work to be showcased on our Artist page and Instagram account. We occasionally sell work together at local art markets. 



In addition to the practicalities, open studio offers a sense of community and a chance to share skills and ideas. Working with clay is very therapeutic and The London Clayworks provides the a tranquil and creative environment for you to work with clay.